THE CLASS where legends are born

Your story is going to be different from now

What does it take for you to create an unforgettable, remarkable, beyond everything we have ever seen before exquisite brand? What makes a brand iconic? How do you rise from your current level to a new, golden, next level? What energetics, words, photographs, colors, inspiration, fonts, thoughts and ideas are behind an extraordinary brand?

"It is a transformation! It is a PORTAL wich you are entering when you work on brand with Jessica."  

"To me this means that I will attract the clients that really fit me a 100%, which makes me very happy and also allow me to help them in my very best way."
- Michela puliti -

In just three months

 I am not only going to teach you everything about building a legendary and iconic brand…

I also inspire you to create from another level.
I dare you to go bigger and deeper than ever before.
I’ll show you how your brand is energy
And how you become magnetic.
I’ll invite you to the world of storytelling.

I will share with you ALL my secrets of branding: how I think, how I create, whom I work with, where I get my inspiration (and how you’ll find yours) and how you translate that into an extraordinary, iconic and legendary brand.



This is going to be epic
Your story is going to be different from now
Your CHAPTER II is starting here…


"She's a blast to work with. I make 10K in our first month of working together, I NEVER expected that to happen!"

Jenna Holton



Think documentary, think masterclass, think experience, think online training, think film noir.

I'll show you EVERYTHING there is to know about building your own unique legendary feminine brand.

And then forget everything you thought you knew.
Because let me tell you this: this is something else.

* DOORS OPEN 2-2-2023


Chapter II is like the magic red pill that will make everything explode:
Your business. Your presence. Your voice. Your audience.

It will guide you through your next level, your New Chapter.
To own your story and make it legendary.


You’ve come a long way as a woman, as an entrepreneur.
You know the ups, the highs and the celebrations, but also the downs.
You worked hard to become who you are now.
You have a mission, a purpose and an unique vision for the world.

And you feel - deep down inside - that NOW is the time to take it to a whole other level.

To become an extraordinary, iconic, legendary brand.
To show your magic.
To deliver your message.
To make it magnetic.
To create your masterpiece.

Once upon a time you stepped into your Chapter II
And you became the most iconic brand out there.

Rise woman, RISE

You lived through it all. The ups, the downs, the struggles, the hustle…

And of course: it’s a never ending story.

But the phase you’re in now is one where you can stand up proud, and say: ‘This Is Me’.

Rise woman, RISE

Rise woman, RISE


"It is a transformation! It is a PORTAL wich you are entering when you work on brand with Jessica."  


"Far above my expectations! Now I have a story to tell. This is content for my life!" 

- Jennifer De Ru

IT WAS so much more  than only branding! You If you say YES to jessica you say YES to transformation.

- Ilka Verstraeten

 She does so much more than branding and gets the right things out of me. She touches on a deeper level and brings people to their next level. 

- Dzanella Tihic



Chapter II is about going big, becoming legendary. But even more about making deep contact with yourself. Really standing up for your story, your vision, your ripple.

It’s entrepreneurship extraordinaire.
Next level.
A new chapter.
YOUR new Chapter.

Welcome to Chapter II

Your journey in life, in entrepreneurship and in business is all coming together.
You’re standing on solid ground.
You’ve taken position, your place in the world.

And now we wanna see you RISE.

YES to my new CHAPTER!


THE CLASS where legends are born

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